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@leigh_love_life: Studio kisses 💜️ @perrieeele x

We love to Dance 🙈😂🙈😂

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Perrie Edwards and her uncontrollable food addiction.

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We love to Dance 🙈😂🙈😂

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Perrie: ❤️

Little Mix on new album: 'We're women now - we've had relationships and new experiences'

Girl group Little Mix are currently working on their highly anticipated third studio album and revealed that it’s likely to be unveiled in the new year and it will include some lyrically strong tracks.

When asked if the album has a tentative release date scheduled yet, the beauties admitted…

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why couldnt they have recorded a single little mix concert and gave us a tour dvd to bridge the time to the next album pls


its a great thing that the girls are taking their time with album 3 cause remember how rushed the whole salute era was?? they recorded the whole album in less than two weeks, released the album a WEEK after the lead single came out not to mention the lazy shitty ass promo campaign. the fact that theyre taking their time means they’ve learned from the stupid mistakes they made in the past. just be patient and im sure it’ll all be worth the wait

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